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Susan for Davis School Board

A message from Susan

It has been my pleasure and joy to serve Davis students and the community for the past nine years. I can think of no better investment of my time and energy, and I thank those who supported me and send best wishes to those who will continue the good work. For myself, I am drawn to become more active at the state and national level, to hold firm the tenants of inclusive democracy and to maintain the politics of hope.



Dear Friends,

I have been honored to serve as trustee of the Davis Joint Unified School District since 2007. Together with colleagues on the Board of Education and district educators, I have helped lead exciting, positive changes in our schools:

  • Classroom instruction is energized by creativity and critical thinking as we implement Common Core and Next Generation Science standards.
  • Investments in professional development and instructional technology promote differentiated instruction to meet the learning needs of every student.
  • The Davis Joint Unified School District’s Strategic Plan – reviewed and renewed every year – sets our mission and vision, and the roadmap to achieve our goals.
  • Home to school communication is more timely and relevant.
  • Restorative practices are taking the place of outmoded forms of discipline.
  • Budget planning is open to more meaningful community engagement.
  • We monitor progress in the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP), and while gaps persist, we’ve seen improvement for all students.

As a district, we now define student success much more broadly than simply academic achievement. We strive for social and emotional well-being, as well as college and career readiness. Strong community partnerships help us close the opportunity gap for children and families in Davis.

These are incredibly exciting times in public education. I am deeply motivated to continue to contribute the knowledge, relationships and experience I’ve gained through my decade of service so that Davis schools excel, and most importantly, every child succeeds.

My commitment to public education and to our students is unwavering and my governance experience is unmatched. I ask for your support on November 8th.





"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. – African proverb

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